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If you are looking to sell a timeshare, or if you are looking for a Newport, RI timeshare or timeshares for sale throughout New England, you have come to the right place. Regency is a timeshare sales company unlike all others.

newport ri timeshare rentals

We work with homeowner Associations and Owners

We help them buy and sell timeshares.  By covering all bases, we help ensure a happy and financially sound owner base.

We maintain a local sales presence

Regency has been in the timeshare sale business in RI and New England area for over 30 years. We are the one and only Timeshare Sales and Resale Company with an exclusive presence in Newport, Rhode Island, the Cape and throughout New England.  This allows us to be the #1 sales organization to help people buy and sell a timeshare in Newport, RI and throughout the 6 state area comprising New England.

We do not charge upfront fees or appraisal fees to list a timeshare

Our job is not to have an impressive list of unsold weeks. Our job is to help people who are interested in selling timeshares and buying timeshares.

Timeshares must be shown to be sold 

If you are looking to sell a timeshare in Newport, the most important thing you can do is to find and work with a company that can actually help you achieve your ultimate goal.  Virtually nobody buys a timeshare, sight-unseen. If you are going to list a timeshare for sale, you want to work with a company that has local representation that knows the property and has a working relationship with resort personnel.

Are you looking to buy a timeshare in Newport RI ?

Regency can help you find a timeshare that works best for you and your family.  The process is simple and pain free. We do not believe in gimmicks or participate in typical timeshare giveaway programming.  Buying a timeshare with a seasoned professional will save you time and money.

Can you really help me sell my timeshare?

Are you thinking of  selling a timeshare or confused about the best way to go about selling your week? You can pay others with no assurances of success or you can have a  professional company like Regency list, market and sell your timeshare with no upfront fees of any kind.

 Timeshares in Newport RI

Are you looking to buy or sell a timeshare in the world renown resort area of Newport, RI? We are located right on Thames Street in the heart of the City.  We have listings and sales opportunities for all the Newport timeshares on the market.  We have the best selection of Newport Onshore timeshares as well as weeks for all other Newport resorts.  If you want the best service in the industry, please give  us a call.


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Wonderful Newport RI

Newport’s Timeshares Make It Easy and Affordable to Enjoy One of the Most Popular Destinations in the World.

Newport’s enviable seaside location attracts people from all around the world every year. One of the Northeast’s most beautiful and characterful cities, Newport is just as well known for its many stately, historic mansions as for the ocean waves that crash upon its shores.

For some, spending a summer week there is the experience of a lifetime. For others, the mansions of gilded age rich and famous offer up a taste of luxury living that are often beyond belief. Great food, great sites, yachting extravaganzas, Jazz Festivals, winding ocean roads and so much more make Newport the place to see and be seen.

And while enjoying the former capital of the America’s Cup races, why not stay in the finest accommodations around. The spacious timeshare resorts in Newport offer all the conveniences of home for a fraction of the cost of less comparable hotel facilities.

Timeshares have a forty-plus year history in the United States, beginning as a relatively esoteric style of ownership that sprang up during one of Florida’s early boom periods. Today, they are a common and well-understood way of divvying up the rights to residential property, and they can make a great option for those who wish to regularly spend time in vacation towns like Newport.

Owners of timeshares typically have a fair bit of discretion as to how they can exercise their rights. They can sue , rent or exchange their week for other glorious resort locations around the world. Since timeshares are typically owned, the cost of a week is not lost in the same way as apartment living. The asset can be passed down to others like most other real estate in the country.

An oversupply of  timeshares in Newport for rent provides for low-cost rental and sales opportunities for interested persons. These weeks can be among the most affordable options of all for families looking to spend a week or two in the area.

In many cases, for example, visitors will find that Newport RI timeshare rentals afford them much more for their money than hotels could provide on similar budgets. Designed for long-term occupancy, such rental units are also much more comfortable and homey to stay in over longer periods of time than hotel rooms.

A Great Option for Everyone Who Loves Newport

Timeshare resorts can be a rewarding vacation opportunity to those who buy shares in them. For families who plan to make trips to Newport a regular part of life, the rights to a week or two in a unit there every year can make vacations feel like coming home. Having access to the same, well-maintained accommodations year in and year out can allow families to enjoy their time in the beautiful resort town in luxury and splendor.

For those looking to spend a spectacular week in the area or others looking to make long-term commitment, a timeshare can be an excellent way of enjoying all that Newport has to offer. Those renting the units of others can count on comfortable, spacious accommodations at attractive prices. Owners enjoy the ability to spend time in the area every year, along with the potential for rental proceeds when they opt to travel elsewhere during a given year.

Since Newport becomes an even more popular destination with every passing year, the market of this kind is set to grow even larger. Although some people overlook the opportunity, having such satisfying access to so many options of this sort is part of what makes the city such a great place for both tourists and locals.

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    Thank you for providing a quality service, I was able to buy my timeshare in Newport RI pain free they even took a video of the timeshare and I Was able to purchase it with out a problem. Once again thank you.


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